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We are a class and Personal Training gym in Stockport offering Group PT, HIIT, Circuit and Weights classes

We have a very inclusive environment, there are no egos, no mirrors, no posers and we know everyone by name. Our members are all normal people, supporting each other and working hard to achieve their goals. Our workouts are designed to challenge you so that you achieve great fitness, strength and weight loss results, but we always have a lot of fun and never take ourselves too seriously.

Some of our members results…


Gemma is a full time working mum

“Gemma achieved an amazing transformation with us and has maintained her results for over three years” 

Steve Royan

Steve is a full time working dad of three

“Seven Movement is the best place I have ever been to for keeping fit, losing weight, toning up and enjoying myself at the same time”

Steph Stott

Steph is a full time working mum

“I’ve spent years yoyo dieting until my friend introduced me to Seven Movement. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done”


Harry is a full time working dad of three

“Harry’s journey started 2 years ago, he has maintained his incredible results and continues to build his strength and fitness with us” 

A charged 45 minute interval training circuit class. Workouts are varied eack week so you’ll never get bored! A full body workout that maximises fat loss and builds a stronger, leaner body. Every exercise has an easy or harder option making it easy to work at your level.

Designed for all ability levels, this class uses weights to strengthen and tone your entire body. Proven to be the most effective way to change your body shape.

A 30 minute HIIT workout that is scientifically proven to burn calories for up to 30 hours after the class! Using small weights, body weight exercises and cardio equipment, this class will take your fitness to the next level.

A 45 minute class dedicated to strengthening your core and improving your fitness. A fun varied class that is different every time.

Our 60 min semi-private PT session swill accelerate your results, improve your technique and give you the accountability needed to achieve your goals.

Can’t make it to a class? Workout at home with Seven Movement’s videos on YouTube. Subscribe today for great videos on exercise, nutrition, motivation and much, much more…

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