Why You Should Be Lifting Weights

Weight lifting will make me bulky. Weights are just for men. The weights area is intimidating. I’m  not strong enough to lift weights. Weight lifting will make me look too muscly. Weight lifting isn’t feminine…!

These are all genuine concerns we’ve heard from women, and reasons why they don’t lift weights.

They are all incorrect!

We recently caught up with one of our members, Jackie, about the brilliant impact weight lifting has had on her life. You can read her thoughts about it below.

When did you first start doing weight lifting?

3 years ago

What do you enjoy most about lifting weights?

I enjoy the challenge of progression, building strength and seeing the results when I beat a personal best

What’s the most challenging part of weight training?

I find the most challenging part is ensuring that my technique is correct.

Would you say weight training has made you big and bulky?

Not at all. Weight training has made me lean and toned and given my body definition.

Should women be worried about weight training?

Absolutely not. In the years previous to me starting weight training I went to the gym on a regular basis using the machines I was comfortable with. I did not see or feel the results that I do now from weight training.

What other benefits have you seen from weight training?

I feel strong, I have so much more energy, I sleep well and I get many comments from friends about how toned I look.

What advice would you give to other people wanting to do weight training but not knowing where to start?

I would definitely advise starting off with support from someone who can help you with your technique and which weights to start with. Find a gym that will give you advice about the benefits of weight training and advice on what foods you need to support your results too.

So if it doesn’t make you bulky and masculine, what does it do?!

Weight lifting makes you strong, it makes you look toned, defined and can change the shape of your body, it makes you feel energised, it protects your joints and keeps you healthy. And there is nothing like the feeling when you beat your personal best!

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