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Matty’s Week Two Update

By 20th June 2017Uncategorised

First of all a big thank you for all the support I’ve had this week, great to hear so many of you encouraging me on.

Now before I get into this week I need to make this journey a little clearer. The reason for doing this is to give you guys an open and honest look at someone (who happens to be a personal trainer) losing weight. My goal was never a 6 pack in 6 weeks, but don’t get me wrong if that happens I’m not exactly going to complain. My goal is to see what I can achieve in 6 weeks being sensible – this means no stupid diets and still enjoying a meal out from time to time.

The reason I’m doing it this way is experience, in the past I have made the mistake of going from one extreme to another. Yes I lost weight quicker, but it was never going to be sustainable and eventually I rebounded with a vengeance, I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences. At my heaviest I was 108kg (this was after a rebound).

So onto this week. Weight has come down to 95kg (2lb loss) which I’m more than happy with considering I haven’t made that many changes. Big thank you to Leanne for taking my body fat % this morning with her bodystat machine.

For those of you who are interested in what changes I am making and why, look out for next week’s blog where I will be going into much more detail.

This week’s pictures are from about 3 years ago when I was at my 2nd biggest (around 105kg) please excuse the awful boxers!