How to lose weight and keep it off forever

If you are reading this blog, it’s likely that you have gained weight and you are fed up. I am also pretty certain that you have probably tried multiple diets over the years and nothing has resulted in permanent lasting results yet. 

You see most of us are looking for that master key that unlocks effortless weight loss, so you may have ended up following popular diets like Paleo, Keto, Plant-based, Intermittent fasting or the crazy Cambridge diet.

You see some of these diets can be effective, some are healthy and some are not.  But they all come down to two truths about following a diet

  • Nearly every diet works in the short term
  • Nearly every diet fails in the long term

So let me explain, all the diest I mentioned work because they have created clever ways for you to restrict certain foods. So in the short term you lose weight because you are eating fewer calories. 

You have a problem though, because temporary changes create temporary results. So let’s just say you tried the Keto diet, removed carbs and focused on eating fats and protein, you did this for 30 days and lost 10lbs, you feel great, which is amazing.

However, if you spent the entire 30 days dreaming of carbs and tucking into a nice piece of garlic bread after the 30 days ended, you then go back to your normal eating habits and end up putting the weight back on because you didn’t make any lasting changes. 

This is why you should never go on a diet. A diet suggests it is temporary, and permanent success will only happen when you make permanent changes.

So today I am going to give you a way to stop yo-yo dieting, lose all the weight you want, and keep it off for life. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, well it’s not. I have helped 1000s of people lose weight over the last 15 years, so why can’t it be your turn? 

A few things to consider before reading on, this probably is not for you if:

  • you are not prepared to put in the work
  • you want a quick fix
  • you give up at the first hurdle
  • you get one bit of advice from an unqualified source like your best friend or mum and decide the whole process I have laid out is a load of crap. 

Still reading? Brilliant. Let’s get stuck into the details


Step 1: Change your mindset

Forget everything you think you know about dieting, you are not an expert, your friends and family are not experts. You need to accept that this process will work if you follow it for the long term. I have literally tried and tested this process with 1000s of people and it will work for you if you believe in it. 

How do I do this?

Have a growth mindset, not a fixed one. 

Fixed – I don’t believe I can do this, it will probably not work. I’m not good at things like this. I am too busy. I didn’t lose any weight this week, so it must not work. I am a failure. I can’t learn anything.

Growth – I can do this. This will work for me. One bad week doesn’t mean failure. I had a crap day yesterday, I will just get back on track today. I will learn from my failures. I can learn anything.   

You can change your mindset in an instant and if you remind yourself of this every day you will succeed more than you can imagine. 

Step 2: Track your macros and calories

You do this so you can understand how a calorie deficit is created.

You may be saying, but I have tried this before and it didn’t work. Or you think you don’t have time to use an app every day.

Do not worry, I will help you understand what went wrong so you can fix it. If you have a growth mindset, you will continue this journey with me. 

So why should I track my calories?

I mentioned earlier that the truth about diets failing is because they never work in the long term. 

Remember trying to stop drinking alcohol or not having chocolate for a month. Or maybe you said, no carbs which means never having a pizza! What!!! Are you crazy, this is not how you want to live your life is it?

If you focus on macros and calories then no food is off the table. You will learn how to eat the foods you enjoy, not feel restricted, and still lose fat.

Once you have reached your goal weight you will have learned the precise amount of food needed to either lose more fat or stay at your goal weight. You won’t even need to track any more as you fully understand what overeating looks like. 

But I tracked my calories before and the calories were so high

One of the most common questions I get from clients when I give them their calories is, how am I meant to lose weight with all these calories?

Let me shift your mindset again, most people have no idea how many calories their body needs for fat loss or optimal function, they have been dieting for so long that under-eating has become the norm, then they fall off and gain weight by overeating on calorie dense food.

You need to understand the exact amount your body needs, otherwise, you will always be guessing. 

Aren’t carbs bad for fat loss?

Remember this, it’s not carbs that make you fat, it’s too many calories. You eat too much of any food and it will make you gain weight.

Carbohydrates actually have the word hydrate in it, which means when you eat them you hydrate, just like drinking water, meaning you’re heaving because you contain more water.

You lose weight when you avoid carbs as you dehydrate. But this has nothing to do with fat loss. It is just water weight.

I have not got time to track my food using MyFitnessPal

Remember what I said earlier about having a growth mindset. If you tell yourself it is too hard, it will be. If you tell yourself you can’t do it, you won’t.

Your goal is to find 10 minutes per day. I suggest scheduling in either first thing in the morning or just before you eat in the evening. As long as you plan in advance, you won’t have a problem. 

And if you miss a day for whatever reason, do not worry, just get back on track the next day. Never give up. 

Step 3: Calculate your calories

Let me make this easy for you, email me ([email protected]) or direct message (@7movement)  me on social media and I will work them out for you. All you need to do is send me your age, height and weight and how many times you exercise each week. 

Step 4: Download MyFitnessPal

Download the app, go to the menu, click ‘more’ , then ‘goals’ and input the macros and calories that I have sent you. 

Step 5: Be very clear about what you want

Be clear about your goal, know exactly what you are aiming for. 

Example 1 

Lose 1 stone in weight, that’s 14 lbs

1 to 2lbs a week is 7-14 weeks

Example 2

Drop a dress size: 14 to 12

Measure your waist and hips. 

Lose 1 to 2cm each week until you are at your dress size

Step 6: Create a 7 day food planner (Download here) 

You need to plan your weekly shop so that you know what you intend to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you decide that you want snacks, then you need to plan these as well. 

Step 7: Exercise 3 times per week

The more you move, the more calories you burn. Try and exercise 3 times a week. It doesn’t really matter what exercise you do, it just matters that you find something you enjoy and you can continue doing as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Remember,  weight training builds lean muscle, this raises your metabolism, so you burn more calories every day, you get stronger, leaner and damn right, sexy! Worth doing it I say. 

So there you have it, 7 steps to start losing body fat and get in the shape you want.

Just remember, you can do this. It’s hard taking those first few steps and there will be plenty of knock backs along the way but if you start by taking action and continually remind yourself of your goals, you can build in these habits so that they last. Believe in yourself, I believe in you. 

P.S. If all this confuses you and you would like to be coached by me and the team at Seven Movement then why not come and try our 28 day Transform Bootcamp. This programme is full of people just like you, trying to get in better shape and improve their quality of life.