Do you know the real benefits of exercise and the effect it has on mental health?

If you don’t then this article will help you understand those benefits and may also give you ideas about how you can make exercise a consistent part of your life.  The thing is you probably already know that exercise is great for losing weight, toning up and increasing your fitness but did you know how […]

How to lose weight and keep it off forever

If you are reading this blog, it’s likely that you have gained weight and you are fed up. I am also pretty certain that you have probably tried multiple diets over the years and nothing has resulted in permanent lasting results yet.  You see most of us are looking for that master key that unlocks […]

Why You Should Stop Weighing Yourself

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Everyone exercises for a reason. For some it’s a stress release, for others it’s their ‘me time’. Some people exercise to get stronger, some to get fitter, some because they simply enjoy it. For many it’s to change their appearance: to get slimmer, more toned, more muscly. So whatever your reason for exercising, if you […]