By training hard, and learning how to utilise your body’s potential, you will achieve the best results.


Our bodies are complicated things, to get the best out of them we believe that you need to educate yourself. We support, coach, guide and educate all our customers to make better decisions for their health and fitness goals.


By training hard, and learning how to utilise your body’s potential, you can start to love how you look and feel.

Kate & Dave gym in Stockport

Kate & Dave

We were living almost 2000 miles apart but I remember like it was yesterday. I rang Kate from where I was living in Istanbul, Turkey and told her I was quitting my job and coming home to London – it was about time I ran my own business. The excitement was unreal, firstly to get home to Kate, and secondly to start this new journey.

I have been in the Fitness Industry for 13 years, and at the time Kate had been working in marketing for the past 5. We worked well as a team, so the prospect of opening a business together didn’t faze us at all.

Fast forward less than 18 months and we have arrived at Seven Movement. Our very own gym in Stockport. Me focussing on the fitness and Kate, now a fully qualified nutrition coach is supporting our members to help them create healthier lifestyles.

Our members are the most important part of this club and can expect a personal approach to their fitness. Our group classes are built to get them the result they want and the support network around them to boost their motivation and increase their knowledge, making them more likely to succeed. We see this as so much more than just a gym. It’s a gym where people feel at ease in their surroundings, a place they feel supported, a genuine club they can proud to be a part of.


Russ graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2006 with a BSc (hons) in Sports Therapy. Since then he has been constantly updating his skills and knowledge so he’s able to provide the best quality service to fit your needs. In his years of experience working with sports teams he has encountered many pain and injury situations. He believe that if you train or compete, there will be something he can do to help you.


Leanne is a brilliant PT and class instructor. She has a proven track record of achieving fast results for her diverse range of clients. So, whether you’re a busy hectic mum trying to get back into shape after having children, struggling with certain movements in classes, or looking to take your fitness to the next level, Leanne’s methods can get you the results you want.