5 Steps to Healthy Snacking

If you want to be successful in reaching your health and fitness goals, you need to stop leaving things up to chance.

The most successful people are the ones who plan everything they do in advance.

If you haven’t planned when to exercise, you’re leaving it up to chance that you’ll feel like going to the gym one day (let me tell you now, ‘one day’ rarely arrives!)

If you haven’t planned what you’re having for lunch, you’re leaving it up to chance that you’ll crave the healthy option when you’re walking around trying to decide where to buy it from.

If you haven’t planned what snacks to have, you’re leaving it up to chance that there’ll be something healthy available for you to grab quickly when you’re starving.

You need to move your decision making forward, so that you never have to decide what to do on the spot. Temptation and laziness will pretty much always win, it’s the way humans are designed.

One of the biggest things many people struggle with is snacking, so let’s take a look at ways you can set yourself up for success here.

The good news is it’s nice and simple, and you can start straight away.

  1. Plan ahead – use a meal planner to decide what you’ll snack on every day for the week ahead. Make sure you’re stocked up in advance to remove temptation each day.
  2. Make sure you have healthy snacks to hand so there’s always something quick and easy to grab when you’re really hungry.
  3. Choose something high in protein as it will keep you feeling full
  4. Choose something that contains healthy fats as this also keeps you feeling full
  5. Think outside the box. We’ve been conditioned to think of certain foods as snacks – crisps, chocolate, cereal bars etc… few of which are healthy and going to help you reach your goals. Why can’t snacks be things like cottage cheese, chicken breast, slices of meat like beef or ham, boiled eggs, hummus, nuts? These are all great things to snack on.

Get yourself a pen and paper, write out your week ahead and plan what you’ll snack on every day, including the weekends!

Do this every Sunday night / Monday morning and you’re going to set yourself up for a great week.