Back To School, Back To YOU!
With the kids going back to school, it’s the perfect time for you to focus on you again.

Get Fit, Get Strong, Get Lean in 21 Days for just £26

This is our most successful programme, designed to burn body fat, tone muscles, increase strength, improve your fitness and your body confidence!

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Kickstart Your Healthier, Leaner Lifestyle & Achieve Amazing Results In 21 Days!

However much you love the summer, isn’t it frustrating when you feel like you’ve lost all your fitness and the all inclusive holiday starts to show around your waist?

It’s not your fault though, your fitness routine has had to take a back seat as you try to keep the kids entertained, and when you’re not exercising as much it’s harder to eat healthily as well.

The good news is that back to school is just around the corner, and it’s time you did something for YOU!

Our 21 Day Kickstart programme is the perfect way to get back into a fitness routine, lose the pounds from the holidays and start feeling like the best version of you again.

Our programmes have achieved amazing results for our clients. It seriously works and it can work for you as well.

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Some of our members results…


Gemma is a full time working mum

“Gemma achieved an amazing transformation with us and has maintained her results for over three years” 

Steve Royan

Steve is a full time working dad of three

“Seven Movement is the best place I have ever been to for keeping fit, losing weight, toning up and enjoying myself at the same time”

Steph Stott

Steph is a full time working mum

“I’ve spent years yoyo dieting until my friend introduced me to Seven Movement. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done”


Harry is a full time working dad of three

“Harry’s journey started 2 years ago, he has maintained his incredible results and continues to build his strength and fitness with us” 

What’s Involved?

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We are not your average gym! We will support you as an individual and help you achieve the results you really want.

The most important thing about any fitness programme is that it’s SUSTAINABLE, ENJOYABLE and EFFECTIVE!

Our 21 Day Kickstarter is the beginning of a long term, healthy lifestyle. We want to show you how you can achieve amazing results in a short space of time, without the need for extreme diets and hours in the gym.

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We want to show you how you can achieve amazing results in a short space of time, without the need for extreme diets and hours in the gym

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What you’ll get…

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HIIT, Weights & Circuit classes from 30 minutes long, designed to work together to get the very best results. We know you’re busy so they’re easy to fit into an already hectic schedule.

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Take out the guess work, simple to cook, easy & delicious recipes that support your training and that the whole family will love.

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Our team of fitness, nutrition and mindset experts will help you reach the goals you set for yourself.

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A 1-1 session before you start to goal set where we will set you up for success

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Become part of our fitness family of likeminded people who all support each other.

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Ensure you’re getting the results you want with regular check ins and accountability.

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Bring your littles ones to the classes with you and they can play while you train.

Watch some of our classes in action

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